SHENG TENG Company Overview

As a leading Flasher-, Relay-, Sensor-, Coolant Fan Relay-, Blower Regulator- and Switch-manufacturer, SHENG TENG is an OEM supplier to major car markers and "TIER ONEs".

With over 40 years of experience and devotion to perfection, SHENG TENG expands the product lines exponentially, covering parts for temperature management, air condition, powertrain, power steering, security and engine management.

With over thousands of parts, especially a wild range of knock sensors, relays and flashers, SHENG TENG provides the customers reliable partnership to growth in the markets.

As a ISO9001 certificated and qualified supplier of the major car makers, our ability in attaining economic of scale in top quality automotive products allows us to establish the reputation and the competitiveness.

Our product lines can be categorized into several major sections as follows:

Automotive relays:
Over 200 kinds of automotive relays, covering the applications for Japanese, American, Korean, European cars. The life expectancy is at least over 500,000 operations.

Big power relays of 400A, 48V: The max capacity is 400A at 48V, the relays are UL-approved.

Flashers / Flasher relays:
Over 150 different kinds of flasher in the product line. The max load is over 25A and the life expectancy is at least over 400 hours, equivalent to 2 million operations.

LED Flashers:
The mini load is only 0.1W, customized to any unique applications upon customers’ request.

Oil pressure switches:
Reliable production process and test ensures the safety concern over the engine over heating when the oil is running out.

Knock sensors:
The only one to manufacture in Taiwan, capable to supply knock sensors to major car makers. We have around 100 different kinds of knock sensors, covering the range of the major car applications.

Camshaft-/Crankshaft position sensors/ABS sensors:
Noise-resistive characteristic and reliable performance in high & low temperature and extreme environment provide the driver safer driving. Over 100 different sensors in the product line and the number is still growing.

Coolant fan relays/controller & Blower regulators:
PWM signal controls the speed of the rotation of the coolant fan stabilizing the temperature of the engine. Inrush and noise resistive design and over heat protection ensure the engine temperature management working properly in long hours and prevent the device burning itself, causing fire inside the car.